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RESEEDRetirees Enhancing Science Education through Experiments and Demonstrations (various locations)
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This crop also shatters off when mature and readily reseeds itself."
Then they seeded study plots either with a rangeland drill--the most commonly used method to reseed postfire sites--or by hand, so that burial depth could be tightly controlled.
Kidneys, liver, hearts and other organs could all potentially be reseeded with a patient's own cells, which are grown and then implanted into the patient to eliminate organ rejection.
Acellularized scaffolds statically reseeded with epitenon cells by the suspension method showed a single monolayer of cells at the 1- and 3-week intervals (Figure 4).
"Hogwash!" says the 81-year-old ecoforester, who has selectively logged and naturally reseeded his Wildwood woodlot ten times over the last five decades and still has the same volume of standing timber he started with in 1945.
Left to their own devices, nasturtiums will reseed in mild climates and are likely to wander and show up in surprising places.
Now the council has instructed the contractors to reseed and repair the lawns, but householders say they have left rubble and rubbish on the grass.
If you reseed your lawn, make two passes with a rotary spreader.
With more than 50 years of researching the delicate, high-risk process of revegetating semi-desert rangelands, the scientists are helping the interagency team decide where to reseed and which plants to use.
But if they like their surroundings they'll reseed so prolifically it will seem like they're perennials.
The annuals listed on page 74 reseed best in soil that is not regularly cultivated.