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RESETRegional Service Team (various organizations)
RESETRetired Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians
RESETRestructured Electric Service Education Trust
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Integral action, or reset, shifts the output to compensate for load (figure 1), so that the control point agrees with setpoint.
Hunt speculates that many proteins like AP-1 may help reset the clock.
From the investor's viewpoint, the reset feature offers some protection against a deterioration in an issuer's credit quality.
With the use of scanning increasing, and store reset rates rising proportionately, manufacturers and brokers see the problem only getting worse.
The Reset Plug works with any WiFi router, any WiFi access point, and any broadband modem (cable modem, DSL modem, fiber modem).
One of the primary reasons I joined the Rate Reset team was that while the products offered by Rate Reset and Allpoint were different, the execution of the business model was very similar, so I knew I could leverage my experience and track record to make an immediate and lasting impact on Rate Reset's success," he added.
As soon as your unit returns from Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), get C-E LCMC to inspect your generators and enroll them in the RESET program.
Reset actually encompasses one of the following as determined by a Reset assessment team in a screening process conducted in conjunction with the unit or, in the case of recapitallzation, at the discretion of the program executive officer or program manager--
These products allow the user to select the power on reset points (100-300ms), low voltage reset trip points for the independent low voltage monitor contained in each device, which is independently programmable for low voltage applications.
Government agency floaters with a 90-day reset are generally priced at the three-month Treasury bill rate plus 30 basis points, or at three-month LIBOR plus 15 basis points.