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RESETRegional Service Team (various organizations)
RESETRetired Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians
RESETRestructured Electric Service Education Trust
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Under the Performance-Based Regulation (PBR) methodology, privately owned DUs are allowed to charge regulatory reset cost.
Under the performance-based regulation (PBR) of tariff-setting, regulated private DUs are allowed to charge regulatory reset cost in their revenue requirement.
Prosecutors said ReSet later deleted the clips and offered the man [pounds sterling]265 for his silence in an attempt to "reestablish his image" and "ingratiate himself with public opinion".
However, not all Apple Watch ( problems are solved with a reset. Sometimes, it just needs a reboot instead.
Critique: Written from a Christian perspective, "Relational Reset: Unlearning the Habits that Hold You Back" is as insightful and thought-provoking as it is inspired and inspiring.
- Ability to notify end users and IT admins through email and SMS, and automatically create a ticket in a help desk solution after a successful password reset.
Combining the CH-53E PMI and reset events greatly reduces the amount of time a CH-53E spends out of service allowing the aircraft to be available for operational commitments.
Desert Reset helps open-hearted seekers ditch their day-to-day for the desert and become who they were created to be.
Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Qureshi claimed the system had actually been reset and restarted, and hoped that both Pakistan and US would work on it together.
'Voting on CJ shortlist reset to August 24 to have more time to review all the documents submitted, particularly the statements of assets, liabilities and net worth,' the Justice chief said.
Reset osmostat is under recognised and is often not reported.