RESIGRedwood Empire Schools' Insurance Group (California)
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In order to test the potential of ISA, Resig has analysed the Frick's photographs of Italian paintings by anonymous artists by customising TinEye's MatchEngine, a commercially available image-recognition service.
Thus younger investors, like the Resigs, wind up with mostly stocks and few bonds.
1, figs 14, 16-19; Bronnimann & Resig 1971: 1295-1296; Saito et al.
In addition Celtic were watching Gomez throughout the second half of the campaign, though the resig nation of manager Gordon Strachan could lead to the Bhoys cooling their interest.
McMurtry, G.M., Herrero-Bervera, E., Cremer, M.D.; Smith, J.R., Resig, J., Sherman, C.
The body language of John Gregory offered a stark contrast to the laid-back Keegan, Villa's manager anxiously pacing the touchline before staring with a resig ned look as the last rites were read over his side's FA Cup prospects.
Janice Resig, a colleague of Ritter's, says her concern about her staff and the Women's Work Release Center is a quality that makes her stand out.
Worse still, theres p app resig the P a di appears to be a degree of resignation around here that the Premier League remains a distant fantasy.
According to Gallup, 80% of Egyptians interviewed shortly before Morsi was removed from office said their country was worse off now than it was before President Hosni Mubarak resig ned in 2011.15 By July 2013, economic growth had stalled, prices on food and fuel had increased, and fuel shortages had caused frustration for many citizens.
The entire front bench in the Lords offered to resig n in support of Cranborne.
To that extent, given that I am unwilling to defend this ludicrous policy I have resig ned from the political Leadership of the West Midlands Liberal Democrats.