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The timber of the kauri is the most valuable production of the island; moreover, a quantity of resin oozes from the bark, which is sold at a penny a pound to the Americans, but its use was then unknown.
Compression of wood while heating or curing with resin enhances the strength, stiffness, water repellency, and stability of wood (Rowell and Konkol, 1987; Chong et al., 2010; Loh et al., 2011; Bakar et al., 2013).
Attributes/comments: The silicone hybrid resin is highly suitable in high solids top coats.
Amino resin wood adhesives used for medium-density fiberboard (MDF), a melamine-urea-formaldehyde (MUF) resin and a urea-formaldehyde (UF) resin, were each synthesized with an overall formaldehyde/urea molar ratio of 1.10.
With margins razor thin and resin prices high, processors over the past 18 months have increased their loadings of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) by about 10%, estimates Allen Guy, regional technical service manager at Omya Inc., a supplier of the mineral for films.
Change is an everyday occurrence with resin technology; therefore, it is the responsibility of the chairside dental assistant to stay abreast of such changes.
The film features a first resin layer with a polyolefin resin and a surface treated by a discharge treatment method that imparts printability to the treated surface.
JC Tec was running its own resins to purge when changing over from flexible PVC to acetal resin in the production of bicycle tires for training wheels.
The low hot strength can result in an increased frequency of casting defects, such as veining and core breakage, and hot distortion from thermal expansion and resin breakdown under high temperatures.
We found 43-130 [micro]g BPA/g Bis-GMA and 1.5-10.2 [micro]g BPA/g unpolymerized composite resin. The contents of Bis-GMA-H were measured at 18-50 mg/g Bis-GMA and 1.1-1.4 mg/g composite resin (5).
Replacing coatings with resins that have molded-in color or that produce a high-gloss finish, like GE's new Lexan EXL resin, can eliminate this issue.
As stated above, the OIL is necessary for bonding resin to resin.