RESLResource Unit Leader
RESLRobotic Embedded Systems Laboratory (University of Southern California)
RESLRenewable Energy Services Ltd. (Canada)
RESLReal Estate Secured Lending
RESLRobertson Environmental Services Ltd. (Canada)
RESLReal Estate Securitization Law (Taiwan)
RESLRadiological and Environmental Science Laboratory
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However, public authorities have not efficiently managed urban sprawl, land zoning, and the provision of public services in both valleys (Resl 2006).
Whereas Jamie has bouts of costly drunken abandon, impregnates his brother's wife, and murders his racist father (the latter two actions remain secrets), Ronsel speaks defiantly to some of his white oppressors, but avoids getting into serious trouble until the day he loses a letter and photograph which reveal his secret miscegenation with Resl, the white German girl with whom he had fallen in love and had a child.
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Last but not least, we included organizational schemas of online repositories, predominantly from the Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM Consortium, 2008), DialogPlus (2006), the Scottish electronic Staff Development Library (Currier, 2001), and the Reusable Educational Software Library (RESL, 2008) to represent the technological perspective of organizing instruction-relevant materials.
The wonderful music, Chi Mai, was performed by the Italian orchestra of Ennio Morricone (BBC RESL 92).
Outside its ASTOR work, RESL is also expected to bid defensive aids equipment into the UK's replacement maritime patrol aircraft programme.
The Resl and Ant markers are used by virtually all speakers.
ff SHE reached number 12 in April 1995 with Something Outa Nothing (BBC RESL 203), recorded with fellow Albert Square resident Paul Medford (he played Kelvin Carpenter).
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