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Any sensible person would think the position of ResLife director could be filled by a just-out-of-college type with a knack for throwing fun pizza parties--but then how to justify 13 fulltime administrators?
Throughout ResLife's curriculum, the words "intentional" and "structure" appear again and again.
Leading the charge, Adam Kissell and Samantha Harris of FIRE have called ResLife "totalitarian" and referred to the dorms as "re-education camps." Such rhetoric can certain get out of hand--no RA has yet attempted mass murder--but the comparison is apt.
Nevertheless, there's little reason to believe that anyone on the ResLife staff is an actual leftist radical--or ever read a page of Marx or could even pronounce "Michel Foucault." The office's concern instead is to recite properly the dogmas of the academic Left as the sure-fire way of seeming relevant--even hip--and securing status and funding.
ResLife's "diversity" obsession plays an important role in this.
In the "Diversity Facilitation" handbook, one suggested activity is to ask students to "pick your favorite mainstream institution, and do a little power structure research." Perhaps the RA's should suggest that freshmen turn their critical gaze onto ResLife itself, all of whose top-level bureaucrats are white.
But Lanan's RA treated it as a "crisis" (according to ResLife guidelines, of course).