RESOLVReconstruction Using Scanned Laser and Video (computer modeling tool)
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Warr then, Warr Open or understood must be resolv'd.
THREE FUGITIVES BBC1, 12.15am A bank robber resolves to go straight after his release from prison.
The aggregation kinetics depends on the monomer concentration as well as on the presence of aggregation nuclei and is often too fast to be resolved by spectroscopic methods.
RESOLV --polyacrylonitrile (PAN); PAN fibers with size --dimethylformamide (DMF) + range of 50--300 nm in C[O.sub.2] diameter were obtained when a solution of supercritical SC-C[O.sub.2] and DMF mixture containing PAN was rapidly expanded into an ambient aqueous NaCl solution, at a pre-expansion pressure and temperature of 20./ MPa and 333 K, respectively.
He broke the club's transfer record by buying England striker Andy Carroll from Newcastle for EUR40m in January and has splashed out another EUR25m to bring in Jordan Henderson from Sunder Stewart Downing is high on Da list, although Aston Villa's resolv EUR17m-rated England winger has b by Ashley Young's departure to U And Liverpool have turned the to Bolton's Gary Cahill after Jon chose Old Trafford ahead o Anfield, with the England centre-back having a EUR18m release clause in his contract.
At a regional level, in March 2007 the Washington, DC-based nonprofit group RESOLV prepared a report, Public Funding Incentives for Private Residential and Commercial Watershed Protection Projects, for officials in Montgomery County, Maryland.
"Hopefully it will be an improvement on France Hopefully we can resolv our issues.
Comments: Resolv is a low VOC additive for increased resolubility without loss of water-resistance or drying speed to increase open time and eliminate problems of rapid drying on plates, anilox, rollers and cylinders.
THE Lost Children of Wales report by educational research organisation Resolv highlights some vital issues about how our education system prepares young people for the rest of their lives.
Here we report the use of water-in-CO2 microemulsion in the preparation of various metal (Silver, copper) and metal sulfide (cadmium sulfide, lead sulfide and silver sulfide) nanoparticles via RESOLV (Rapid Expansion of a Supercritical Solution into a Liquid SOLVent).
Anyone wishing to back the campaign, or who wants more information on solvent abuse, can contact ReSolv on 01506 881498.
Yet, the leaders of the various Qawm have resolv ed feuds and held the land together.