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RESOLVECenter for Environmental Conflict Resolution (EPA)
RESOLVEResearch on Operations Limiting Visual Extinction
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Resolve Systems is a global leader in accelerating incident resolutions for IT operations, network operations, and customer care centers.
3 I resolve to make succession planning a priority.
Prosecutors resolve that this is the year they finally charge someone with the 10-year-old murder of Candace Scola.
We need also to resolve to assess the failings of the past and then resolve never to do them again.
The urgency to get on with a covenant appears to be motivated by the hope that such a document will help resolve the current power struggle in the Communion.
Parties can choose to leave conflict unresolved or they can attempt to resolve conflict through direct negotiation and, should this fail, may seek other means to settle their differences.
Once an issue has been isolated, a Quest APM domain workbench invokes sophisticated real-time diagnostics, analysis, tuning, and administration tools, as required, to quickly resolve issues before they impact the end user.
REsolve will implement the REquest software system to support TIAA-CREF's real estate asset and portfolio management processes.
This program intends to identify contentious industrywide issues and resolve them with specific guidance.
Under Fast Track Mediation (FTM), an Appeals Officer or an Appeals Team Case Leader will act in the role of mediator to help the parties resolve factual issues.
But if no attempt is made to resolve conflicts at the lowest possible level, the client may have to resort to formal appeals or litigation which may slow the rehabilitation process, at least temporarily.