RESOPRenewable Energy Standard Offer Program (Ontario, Canada)
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Starting in 2006, Ontario put in place specific programs to encourage development of renewables capacity, including OPA RESOP and FiT programs, which offer economic incentives in the form of long-term power purchase agreements.
10-12, 2008), available at (providing a general overview of the RESOP program).
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Similar to Germany's advanced renewable tariffs legislation, Ontario's Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP) offers premiums differentiated by technology and involves 20-year contracts between generators and the Ontario Power Authority.
However, key elements that contributed significantly to Germany's success--priority grid access for renewable energy generators and tiered pricing, in particular--have not been replicated in RESOP. These omissions are hindering its potential to encourage the rapid deployment of renewables across the province, especially at the community level.
In addition, the power from the two projects is being sold to the Ontario Power Authority as part of long-term contracts under its Renewable Energy Standard Offer Programme (RESOP).
Veras, Hanrahan, Chris Resop, Daniel McCutchen and Tim Wood made sure the two-run lead was enough.
All three sites are being developed under the Government of Ontario's Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP).
--In addition to ESOPs, Gates discusses proposals for CSOPs (C for customers), VSOPs (TV viewers), DSOPs (depositors), RESOPs (related enterprises, such as small suppliers for large firms), and other forms based on other types of affinity, such as enterprises in a local area.
Jamaican law currently encourages both ESOPs and RESOPs.