RESPROReal Estate Services Providers Council
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[Conv_EN3] To Respro: The Convention has not debated the language issue
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The Washington, D.C.-based Real Estate Services Providers Council (RESPRO) is made up of large real estate companies that offer a wide variety of services to consumers, as well as mortgage lenders (including some banks) and title insurance companies.
One reason is that 10-year-old RESPRO has seen large conglomerates come and go in the brokerage business.
RESPRO also argued that the proposed GMP generally constrains competition in the market by nonlenders, such as real estate brokers, because the package must include an interest rate and other loan origination services that require lender participation.
ALTA and RESPRO each proffered alternative "two-package" approaches that, they argued, would enhance competition and enable both lenders and nonlenders to offer packages, as compared with the HUD-proposed GMP.
Under RESPRO's version, an exemption would apply within each package, but not between the packages.
And Realtors are so notorious for being disdainful of in-house originators that a recent Real Estate Service Providers Council (RESPRO) meeting included a session on how to market in-house services to the real estate sales associate.
While HFS and PHH officials declined interviews for this story, an HFS official did outline the company's philosophy during a meeting of the Real Estate Settlement Providers Council (RESPRO) earlier this year.
Agents would turn a customer's name over to HFS and if the referral led to a security system sale, the broker would be compensated, Chidsey explained at the RESPRO conference.