RESSRechargeable Energy Storage System
RESSRapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions
RESSRyerson Engineering Student Society (Ryerson University)
RESSRealistic Equine Sculpture Society
RESSRadar Environment Simulator System
RESSRepeatable Execution Sequence Set
RESSRadar Environmental Simulation System
RESSReligious Education Support Service (Ireland)
RESSRegulatory Electronic Submission System (Ontario, Canada)
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RESS is the continuation of the SUS Epidemiological Report (Informe Epidemiologico do SUS--IESUS), created in 1992 and published by the National Epidemiology Centre of the Brazilian National Health Foundation (Centro Nacional de Epidemiologia, Fundacao Nacional de Saude --CENEPI/FUNASA).
Right from its first edition, RESS has evolved and changed, without however altering neither its scope--epidemiological surveillance and health surveillance on a broader level--nor its purpose--to contribute to the improvement of services offered by the SUS.
In 1998, IESUS underwent an important transformation, whereby its editorial board was enlarged and experts in epidemiology and public health were incorporated, in addition to a new graphic design similar to that which would later be used by RESS.
In this way, the period prior to the creation of RESS brought together the conditions necessary for it to be proposed, this time under the responsibility of the Health Surveillance Secretariat (SVS) of the Brazilian Ministry of Health.
The General Coordination for the Development of Epidemiology in Health Services (CGDEP), from the Health Surveillance Management Department (DEGEV), became responsible for publishing RESS (7).
In the RESS technique, the solid is first solubilized in a supercritical fluid and the resulting solution highly compressed in the vicinity of the mixture's critical point.
In this paper, a novel nozzle suitable for preparing microencapsulated particles by RESS without using a sulfurated bed was designed.
18) the moisture absorption ratio here is relatively lower, suggesting that the new nozzle is well-suited to be used in the encapsulated techniques of particles by RESS.
when the design of four parts--such as Laval pipe section, rotatable outer shell, narrow orbicular channel section, and gyrators section--is logical, it is suitable for the preparation of microencapsulated particles by RESS.
The moisture absorption ratios of paraffin-microencapsulated RP particles are obviously affected by the experiment parameters of the RESS process.
Hasegawa, H, Mineo, T, "Mechanism of Particle Coating Granulation with RESS Process in a Fluidized Bed.
Wang, TJ, Tsutsumi, A, Hasegawa, H, "Mechanism of Particle Coating Granulation with RESS Process in a Fluidized Costing Granulation with RESS Process in a Fluidized Bed.