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"Elon's engineering mind is second to none," Ressi says, to the point where it dominated everything else.
"And it's not just younger audiences connecting online," Ressi says.
A"The entrepreneur basically walks into a wolf's den as a lamb,A" Ressi said.
En este arrecife se observa por primera vez la especie de coral Mycetophyllia ressi, una especie generalmente profunda y rara en la mayoria de los arrecifes del Caribe.
Mentre ad Angelica Urban era stato impedito il matrimonio con Antonio Dalla Paula, alla giovane protetta di lei, Lori Ressi, non verra infatti impedito di formalizzare il suo legame con il figlio di lui, Sergio.
John works with a staff of six at his office in Archer Road, Redditch, where 70 per cent of the work is in commercial property and 30 per cent in 'ressi' which I came to understand as residential property.
Several other soldiers perished in the harsh conditions but Joseph stumbled across Rosita's mother Ressi and her aunt Margaret.
Enzymatic hydrolyzing performance of Acremonium cellulolyticus and Trichoderma ressi against three lignocellulosic materials.
"We staged an intervention," says Musk's college roommate Adeo Ressi. "We told him he was going to end up losing all of his money--which he did."