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RESTRepresentational State Transfer (alternative to SOAP)
RESTRestructured Text
RESTRepresentational Request
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RESTRelief Society of Tigray (Ethiopia)
RESTRestricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (sensory deprivation, floating)
RESTRestricted Electives in Science and Technology (various schools)
RESTRetail Employees Superannuation Trust
RESTRemote Explosive Scent Tracing (filtration analysis)
RESTRapid Emergency Shelter Taskforce
RESTReal-time Embedded Systems Testbed
RESTRapid Entry Systems Technology Corp.
RESTRetrofit Evaluation System Test
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Matthew, I believe, is superior to the rest of his family?"
She commended me to God, who had taken my innocent darling to His rest; and in her sisterly affection cherished me always, and was always at my side go where I would; proud of what I had done, but infinitely prouder yet of what I was reserved to do.
This standard is ever varying, though it changes only slowly and little by little; and, subject only to such standard, it is the leading boys for the time being who give the tone to all the rest, and make the School either a noble institution for the training of Christian Englishmen, or a place where a young boy will get more evil than he would if he were turned out to make his way in London streets, or anything between these two extremes.
Come over to Madame Antoine's; you can rest there." He took her arm and led her away, looking anxiously and continuously down into her face.
In the meantime, the rest of the working class was more harshly treated.
We worked very half-heartedly the rest of the day, and it was not until we assembled in the orchard in the evening that our spirits recovered something like their wonted level.
Ozma and Dorothy rode in a chariot drawn by the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger, while the Sawhorse drew the red wagon in which rode the rest of the party.
We rest on Sunday, because the commandment requires it; the Germans rest on Sunday because the commandment requires it.
Speaking generally, rest is the contrary of motion.
This last man was not on good terms with his fellows, and had less of the doctor's confidence than any of the rest of us.
We said we would dismount, and quench our thirst, and rest. We were burning up with the heat.
Briggs, "it is very proper that every person should have rest, and be able to go to church on Sundays, but I should have thought you would not have minded such a short distance for the horse, and only once a day; you would have all the afternoon and evening for yourself, and we are very good customers, you know."