RETCRegistro de Emisiones y Transferencia de Contaminantes
RETCRegional Educational Technology Center (Fordham University; New York)
RETCRenewable Energy Tax Credit
RETCRenewable Energy Technology Center GmbH (Germany)
RETCRegional Emergency Transportation Center
RETCReal Estate Tax Consultants, Inc. (various locations)
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The kinetic impact energy of this Class 4 Hail Test carried out by RETC this time on JA's PV modules is more than eight times higher compared to the energy registered in the previous hail test conducted by TE[pounds sterling]V Rheinland Lab in March when 45-mm hailstones with a striking speed of 30.
The RETC Code for Quantifying the Hydraulic Functions of Unsaturated Soils ", U.
van Genuchten MTh, Leij FJ, Yates SR (1991) The RETC code for quantifying the hydraulic functions of unsaturated soils, Version 1.
van Genuchten MTh, Leij FJ, Yates SR (1991) 'The RETC code for quantifying the hydraulic functions of unsaturated soils.
Silevo's Triex modules have also completed extended DH testing with 2,000 hours of 85 degrees Celsius and 85 percent RH, twice the IEC 61215 requirement with negligible degradation," said Cherif Kedir, senior vice president of engineering and operations at RETC.
The non linear least square optimization program, RETC was used to predict the parameters [[THETA].
The certification testing was conducted by RETC (Renewable Energy Test Center), an independent certification testing provider, while the results were verified by the Canadian Standards Association and TUV-Sud.
s], coefficients [alpha] and n) were derived by fitting soil water retention data for each individual depth using the RETC package (van Genuchten et al.
Previously, Rentech indicated that it would assess the need for any continued operation of its PDU and Integrated Bio-Refinery as well as research and development activities at RETC, upon conclusion of the IBR project's operational requirements, then expected to be in early April.
Estimation of the four van Genuchten hydraulic parameters (see Eqn 3) was performed by applying the RETC code (van Genuchten et al.
For determining moisture contents according to applied tensions, the retention curves of sandy soil were estimated via model's RETC (1991) of obtained hydraulic conductivity curve.