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RETEResearch on Electrodynamic Tether Effects (US NASA)
RETEResearch Experiences for Teachers in Engineering (University of New Hampshire)
RETEResident Evil: The Escape (Half-Life modification)
RETEResection and End-to-End Anastomosis
RETEResearch, Education, Training and Extension (forestry; World Bank program; Vietnam)
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I turned over my astrolabe, found Aldebaran on the clear plastic rete, and positioned the star at 41[degrees] in the east on the grid of almucantar circles.
This article proposes instead a reading of Rete mediterranea which takes into account its strong political component, both in its direct discussion of political matters and in its politicization of the artistic discourse.
Algorithm 1 shows an example of the rule that represents "turn the lights in the entrance on if someone exists in the living room." In addition, Figure 1 shows the Rete network generated from the rule of Algorithm 1 on the smart tap placed to the entrance.
An inference engine that uses the RETE or TREAT algorithm has a space called an agenda.
Snam Rete Gas shares are roughly unchanged in the last three months, outperforming an almost 4% slip in Italy's FTSE Mib Index.
"Recently Eni has not appeared to be considering the sale of Snam Rete Gas, while in the interview it now looks a possibility," the analyst said on condition of anonymity.
According to the agreement, Galsi will develop the engineering and obtain the main permits and authorizations required, and Snam Rete Gas will build the pipeline and subsequently manage the gas transport activities.
Tubular ectasia of the rete testis with spermatocele
Gazprom could take a stake in ENI unit Enipower as part of the deal, Scaroni said as he fleshed out the statement, but will not be buying into gas network operator Snam Rete Gas.
Optimisations to the standard Rete algorithm are presented as a means of bringing advanced, rule-based artificial intelligence techniques to low-memory systems--in particular, current and future generations of games consoles.
Fortunately, the Rete Algorithm was developed at Carnegie-Mellon University by Charles Forgy and published in his 1979 thesis, "The Rete Algorithm: A Fast Algorithm for the Many Pattern / Many Object Pattern Matching Problem".