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RETEResearch on Electrodynamic Tether Effects (US NASA)
RETEResearch Experiences for Teachers in Engineering (University of New Hampshire)
RETEResident Evil: The Escape (Half-Life modification)
RETEResection and End-to-End Anastomosis
RETEResearch, Education, Training and Extension (forestry; World Bank program; Vietnam)
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I turned over my astrolabe, found Aldebaran on the clear plastic rete, and positioned the star at 41[degrees] in the east on the grid of almucantar circles.
This article proposes instead a reading of Rete mediterranea which takes into account its strong political component, both in its direct discussion of political matters and in its politicization of the artistic discourse.
Recently Eni has not appeared to be considering the sale of Snam Rete Gas, while in the interview it now looks a possibility," the analyst said on condition of anonymity.
Tubular ectasia of the rete testis is a benign condition that results from partial or complete obliteration of the efferent ducts.
Game AI, Rule-Based Languages, Rete, Optimisation, Agents.
Although Palermo has reimbursed one month's worth of this illegal tax to Snam Rete Gas, the company is still seeking Euro 73.
Snam Rete Gas, a ENI Group company, owns and operates Italy's national gas pipeline system.
Now, for Rete 4, the threat of a blackout is once again real.
In gazelles, cheetahs, dogs, and a herd of other zoological athletes, brain cooling depends on a structure called the carotid rete mirabile, explains Keith E.
The young, but even younger-looking Gori has been involved with Berlusconi's TV operations since 1984 when, at the age of 24, he joined Giovalli from a job at Rete 4 with Freccero.