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RETNReal Estate Technology News
RETNRegional Educational Television Network (Vermont)
RETNReal Time Network
RETNRegion Eleven Telecommunications Network (Fort Worth, TX)
RETNRegional Education Technology Network (Burlington, VT)
RETNReal Estate Transfer News (Department of Revenue; Wisconsin)
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A recent meta--analysis (9) focused on adipokine profiles (ADIPOQ, LEP and RETN) as biomarkers in the gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) of obese and non-obese CP patients.
This single nucleotide polymorphism was associated with diabetes (p<0.02).Human resistin gene RETN C-420G single nucleotide polymorphism was not associated with serum resistin, insulin, body mass index, insulin resistance and dyslipidaemia in both groups (p<0.05 each).
Relative mRNA expression in the uterus of Adamtsl2, Ihh, Retn, and Ovgpl were measured by qRT-PCR and values were normalized to the reference gene Ppib.
Up to 70% of the variation in circulating resistin levels can be explained by genetic factors, and several single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the RETN gene have been described so far [11,12].
Infinera (Nasdaq:INFN), a provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, and RETN, an international network service provider, announced on Tuesday the deployment of the Infinera DTN-X packet optical transport networking platform across RETN's Pan-European network.
Resistin: The resistin gene (RETN) maps to the region on chromosome 19 which harbors possible candidate gene for PCOS (72,73).
1) Compounds were identified based on retention times, mass spectral interpretation, use of the NIST mass spectral search program and NIST/EPA/NIH mass spectral library v.2.0 Peak Retn time Identification (A) no.
We also studied the effects of E2 and 3-MC on the expression of several E2-regulated genes responsible for differentiated functions of the mammary gland, including genes associated with the synthesis and secretion of milk (Areg, Csn2, Pgr, Wap, Aqp5, and Prlr), which were shown to be up-regulated by E2 in the microarray, and Retn, which was suppressed by E2 (Figure 5C,D).
Fourteen differentially expressed genes (AREG (Amphiregulin), ATRN (Attractin), CD59 (CD59 molecule), CLU (Clusterin), CST3 (Cystatin C), DPEP1 (Dipeptidase), EPHX1 (Epoxide hydrolase), LEAP2 (Liver expressed antimicrobial peptide 2), LOC396871 (Arginine rich antibacterial peptides), MS4A2 (Membrane-spanning 4-domains), PIAP (Putative inhibitor of apoptosis), RETN (Resistin), UBP (Ubiquitin-specific protease), FBP (Folate binding protein) dentified in the array experiment were selected and analyzed by RT-qPCR.
Also, the company said that RETN, a Russian wholesale telecom carrier and Infinera customer since 2008, upgraded its pan-European optical network with the latest generation of the Infinera Line System (ILS).
Using Berkshire and Yorkshire crossed pigs, several studies (Ciobanu et al., 2004; Otieno et al., 2005; Yu et al., 2006) mapped candidate genes, LXRA, RETN and CAST respectively.