RETRRelative Electron Transport Rate (photosynthesis)
RETRReal Estate Tax Receipt
RETRReal Estate Transfer Return (Department of Revenue; Wisconsin)
RETRReturns the Expected Transfer (computing)
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With regard to the surgical procedure, duration of inferior vena cava clamping during the anhepatic phase is significantly related to AKI following OLT.[20] In our institution, all patients underwent OLT using the approach of retrograde reperfusion through vena cava (RETR).
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Amert: adductor mandibulae externus rostralis temporalis; Amerl: adductor mandibulae externus rostralis lateralis; Amerm: adductor mandibulae externus rostralis medialis; Amecl: adductor mandibulae externus caudalis lateralis; Amecm: adductor mandibulae externus caudalis medialis; Amev: adductor mandibulae externus ventralis; Psds: pseudotemporalis superficialis; Psdp: pseudotemporalis profundus; DM: depressor mandibulae; Pt VLat: pterygoideus ventralis lateralis; Pt VMed: pterygoideus ventralis medialis; Pt D Lat: pterygoideus dorsalis lateralis; Pt D Med: pterygoideus dorsalis medialis; Pt Retr: pterygoideus retractor; Prptq: protractor pterygoidei et quadrati.
rETR shows only a relative capacity of production in the culture as the actual production cannot be estimated since photosynthetic activity is not related to incident irradiance but to absorbed irradiance.
For every irradiance level, the relative electron transport rate (rETR = E X [DELTA]F/[F.sub.m]', see Table 1 for notations) was calculated and rETR versus E curves were constructed.
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