RETScreenRenewable Energy Project Analysis Software (Canada)
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RETScreen [40] estimates for [F.sub.R] ([tau][alpha]) and [F.sub.R][U.sub.L] were used along with SPF test data [1] to determine the optimal values for each collector.
Database: The solar radiation data for the photovoltaic generator location were downloaded from NASA's data bank, accessed by RETSCREEN software.
Photovoltaic arrays of various sizes were modeled using RETScreen to determine the best payback period of the array.
The software (MS Excel and RETScreen) offer this functionality as a modern tool inserted in their functions.
NRCan RETSCREEN Photovoltaic analysis module for a Chicago location.
Five steps of the standard project analysis of RETScreen flow charts are Energy Model, Cost Analysis, Greenhouse Gas Analysis, Financial Summary and Sensitivity & Risk Analysis.
NRC's innovative RETScreen International Clean Energy Project Analysis Software should help.
Prior to the 12-month wind resource assessment and feasibility study, the 70-member, not-for-profit organization completed a preliminary RETScreen check, a renewable energy technology screening process.