RETScreenRenewable Energy Project Analysis Software (Canada)
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Using RETScreen Software in the Financial Summary worksheet it is possible to calculate several financial feasibility indicators such as internal rate of return IRR, the net present value (NPV) and simple payback of the projects.
Monthly RETScreen Comparison Month RETScreen, RETScreen, KT Method, Error (kWh/ (MJ/ (MJ/ (%) [m.
The input parameters used for the RETScreen ources and are summarized in Table 12.
The building energy feasibility software RETScreen (2004) was utilized to design the photo-voltaic (PV) array.
The assumptions made for the simulation of a residential PV using the RETScreen were same as the ones identified in the studies by Dembo et al.
The house energy simulations were performed with RETScreen (2009) using the Montreal International Airport Climate Normals from 1971-2000.
RETScreen (NRCan 2005) indicates that this increase in slope has a negligible effect on annual incident solar radiation since both slopes are in the near-optimal range for the site's latitude--45 [degrees]29' N.
To determine the simulated PV output at different angles by RETScreen (Natural Resources Canada 2010b), the 4.
BIPV is routinely modeled as a discrete system using software such as RETScreen (RETScreen International 2005).
Calculations carried out with RETScreen (NRCan 2008b) indicate that this system can provide a total yearly generation of 9,014 kWh.
Since the permanent location for the house is Concordia University's Loyola Campus, the average incident daily solar radiation and electricity generated for the entire year in Montreal was calculated using RETScreen software (CETC 2004) (Figure 7) and is summarized in Table 2 (assuming 7 kW or 50 [m.