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REUNITERecursive Unicast Tree
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EMILY'S SONG: Neil Winnington has written a song for Reunite about his daughter Emily
The latest figures from Reunite for May 1997 to May 1998 show America is the most popular destination for abductors.
Customers would still be able to come forward and claim their dormant funds but the Government expects all banks and building societies to attempt to reunite customers with their money before the scheme is launched at the end of this year.
More than 1200 calls each day are placed by veterinary hospitals, humane societies, rescues, animal control and other AMACA members who are using the microchip number to reunite pets with their owners.
REUNITED Send your letters to: Reunited, The Chronicle, Groat Market, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1ED I AM looking to try to reunite a family with a set of World War I medals.
In April 2012 the new site launched to reunite the nation with every blast from their past and as the place to celebrate those 'Remember when?
He said: "The two hostages were in different locations but I advised the guys to reunite the couple, because both of them were worrying about their separation.
Halifax said that it will try to reunite its customers with cash held in around 110,000 dormant accounts across the UK.
Experts say Smith's is among a growing number of similar cases nationwide now surfacing as child-protection agencies make an aggressive attempt to reunite children stuck in the system for years with their parents.
AboveNet Communications UK Ltd, a provider of fibre connectivity solutions and a subsidiary of AboveNet Inc, has announced that its company logo has been added to the UK-based website Friends Reunited, which helps to reunite old friends from school, college, university and the workplace.
Now Mr Forward plans to reunite Max with harris hawk mate Sophie.
In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, NCMEC sent Team ADAM consultants equipped with Canon digital technology to the affected areas in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas to help identify and reunite children and families that had been displaced by the storms.