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REVPARRevenue Per Available Room (hotel industry)
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The Aqaba H1 RevPAR was 8% above same time last year driven by both occupancy and ADR.
In May, Makkah's hospitality market witnessed an increase in RevPAR of 90.
8 per cent from 64 per cent, causing RevPAR to drop to $88.
9 per cent during the previous yea while RevPAR was just $180.
For example, during the period from 1994 to 2000, average compounded RevPAR increases in New York topped 10% annually.
In Madinah, hotels saw RevPAR increases beyond SR1,100 ($293) for three consecutive days.
Another major performer was Beirut, where both hotel occupancy and RevPAR rose.
In the upscale hotel segment, RevPAR will rise from $62.
2017's RevPAR is forecasted to close above last year by 4% and 6% respectively.
Over in Abu Dhabi, hotel occupancy was slightly higher than in Dubai in September at 78 per cent, while ADR touched Dh576 and RevPAR reached Dh454.
In December, Dubai recorded an increase in RevPar of 3.