REWGRenewable Energy Working Group (research group; various locations)
REWGRace Equality Working Group (UK)
REWGReliant Energy Wholesale Generation, LLC
REWGRadicalization and Engagement Working Group (US DHS)
REWGRoma Education Working Group (Open Society Institute)
REWGReal Estate Working Group
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For more information on The Wildlife Society, REWG, and its conference visit
"We're proud to work with The Wildlife Society's REWG to support their efforts in renewable resources and spread the word on how they're making a difference in the industry."
"We thank Mims Distributing for hosting us during the annual conference in Raleigh this year," said Greg Forcey, chair of the REWG. "Partnering with an organization that's built their business based on ecologically-friendly operations provides a great synergy with the mission of our working