REWSONRadar, Electronic Warfare, Sonar (Naval Electronics Systems Command)
REWSONReconnaissance, Electronic Warfare, Special Operations, Navy (US DoD)
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While REWSON is not responsible for the ALQ-99 and ASPJ, RF jamming remains within its domain.
REWSON also manages an inventory of IR jammers, principally the ALQ-157 from Loral Electro-Optical Systems.
Meanwhile, REWSON is keeping in close contact with the Air Force, which is also reviewing its MAW options (see "It's Decision Time for Missile Warning," JED, August 1991, p.
In the shorter term, REWSON is reviewing bids for further production of the AAR-47.
REWSON is currently working on a new generation of expendables and dispensers for this purpose.
Along with these free-falling decoys, REWSON is also shepherding towed efforts.
In addition to managing these discrete systems, REWSON is working to integrate them to meet future threats more efficiently.
REWSON also is making its expertise available to the A-X program office.
The addition of FEWSG to the REWSON roster will bring EW management and training under the control of one office.