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REXXRestructured Extended Executor
REXXRestructured Extended Executor Language
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When an airborne stunt on his latest film goes awry, Rexx plummets to safety and is forced to live rough in an abandoned warehouse.
Naturally enough - this is Tinseltown after all - the pair bond and Rexx gets to use his showbiz stunt skills to help save the day.
Paul Frischer, one of Rexx Index's founders, explained that existing indexes have tended to show the returns that a market has yielded rather than provide investors with the information to determine where it is going.
EnterpriseWeb LASER comes with a Software Developers Kit (SDK) that enables Information Systems professionals to quickly construct business logic and wrappers around existing applications built in environments such as CICS, IMS, TSO, and DB2 using languages like COBOL, REXX, Nomad2, Adabase, SAS, FOCUS, 370/Assembler and many others.
Data captured by Salvo can be interpreted, transformed and enhanced using REXX, Visual Basic, or JavaScript and presented via HTML as an intuitive GUI, which completely replaces the familiar and arcane "green screens."
The user module is written in PASCAL, a control module in REXX, a command language, and the evaluation module in LISP and OPS5.
Comedian/actor Todd Rexx, who was born to a White mother and Black father and later adopted by a White family, doesn't think the proposed category will change his life much at all.
IBM is perhaps the most important antagonist: The latest and most persuasive positioning for OS/2 is as an integrating platform for individual DOS and Windows applications, with non-Microsoft programming tools Borland's C++, and IBMIS mainframe REXX macro language) as the glue that holds everything together.
(NASDAQ: REXX) has entered into a purchase and sale agreement with Antero Resources Corp., under which Antero will acquire Rex's Ohio-based non-core assets, the company said.
Allen's "Irrational Man," Baumbach's "Mistress America," Frears' "The Program," Gondry's "Microbe & Gasoline" and Sorrentino's "Youth" are among the highlights of the program, whose screenings will take place at the Beyoy-lu and Atlas movie theaters in Beyoy-lu, the Feriye Cinema in OrtakE[micro]y and the Rexx theater in KadykE[micro]y.