RF-MEMSRadio Frequency Microelectromechanical System
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In this paper, a novel compact reconfigurable pattern antenna based on SIW technology and usage of integrated RF-MEMS switches is proposed.
de Flaviis, "Reconfigurable scan-beam single-arm spiral antenna integrated with RF-MEMS switches," IEEE Trans.
The design of LWA with variable serial capacitance obtained with RF-MEMS technology creates a variation of the propagation constant (S) permitting the scanning-beam of the antenna from the broadside to close endfire direction.
RF-MEMS varactors and other components are being aggressively pursued throughout academia and industry, which has prompted the recent publication of reference books discussing the theory of design for these devices.
TH1B: Future Material Technologies for RF-MEMS (Focus Session)
WiSpry--will give CES attendees a 'hands-on' experience with its RF-MEMS devices in mobile phones--showing how its technology promotes longer battery life and reduces dropped calls.
TH2A-3: W-band Microstrip RF-MEMS Switches and Phase Shifters
the leader in high-performance tunable radio frequency (RF) semiconductor products for the wireless industry, today announced it will demonstrate the world's first and only RF-MEMS antenna tuner at IMS2012.
The technology in question, WiSpry's WS2018 Tunable Impedance Match (TIM) circuit, is a network of digitally-tunable, low-loss RF-MEMS capacitors combined with low-loss inductors.
As OEMs and operators come under increased pressure to deliver the ultimate 4G experience, RF-MEMS will become an indispensable component in the larger toolkit.
His research interests include several aspects of microwave engineering, RF-MEMS and smart material systems.
The largest markets for MEMS foundries are inkjet printheads using mainly "exclusive" foundry services, but open foundries are developing innovative platforms addressing new applications like RF-MEMS or microphones and developing different approaches of product platform from fixed process to Multi-project Wafer (MPW).