RF-MEMSRadio Frequency Microelectromechanical System
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However, RF-MEMS developers have part reliability difficulties, a key parameter when considering hardware for space systems.
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Several mechanisms of actuation have been used to actuate RF-MEMS switches such as electromagnetic [6], electrostatic [7], thermal [8], and piezoelectric [9].
The design of LWA with variable serial capacitance obtained with RF-MEMS technology creates a variation of the propagation constant (S) permitting the scanning-beam of the antenna from the broadside to close endfire direction.
WE3B-4: Modeling of the Dielectric Charging Kinetic for Capacitive RF-MEMS
New in this edition are revised chapters that reflect recent advances in the field; updated discussions of topics, including DNA arrays, microfluidics, micromolding techniques, and nanotechnology; in-depth coverage of bio-MEMS, RF-MEMS, high-temperature, and optical MEMS, and exercise sets in each chapter.
Fischer Espinosa adapted the Nano Indenter XP to perform membrane deflection tests on these RF-MEMS devices.
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