RF4CERadio Frequency for Consumer Electronics
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For example, the RF4CE industry consortium, with founding members Sony, Panasonic, Philips and Samsung to create a new protocol based on the IEEE 802.
MSOs are using RF4CE not only to connect to TVs, but also to the increasing number of home automation products.
Freescale is making the Synkro protocol broadly available to the industry through the RF4CE Consortium designed to enable wide adoption of the technology.
Typical high power applications include home and industrial automation, smart power, and ZigBee RF4CE.
GreenPeak Technologies announced the general availability of its GP510 communication controller chip, supporting all communication between ZigBee RF4CE enabled devices and the set-top box or gateway.
Atmel Corporation (NASDAQ:ATML), a provider of microcontroller and touch solutions, said yesterday that it has released the ZigBee RF4CE wireless evaluation kit, designed for ZigBee PRO and ZigBee RF4CE application development and prototyping.
The solution then configures the users remote automatically using a two-way RF connection such as ZigBee RF4CE or Bluetooth Smart.
The company also said it is releasing a ZigBee RF4CE test harness product - RCTest - designed to simplify ZigBee RF4CE development, debugging and certification.
The single chip RF4CE remote control SoC solution with integrated support of motion sense algorithms is based on combined accelerometer and gyroscope input for advanced gesture recognition and smooth and accurate movement control.