RFBBRice Flour-Based Batter (food science)
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To control large deformations in swelling soft rocks, based on the original set, a series of new sets, which include a floor beam set, a RFB set, and a RFBB set, are proposed.
Caption: Figure 1: Sets' patterns and dimensions (units: mm): (a) original set (universally used in situ); (b) floor beam set; (c) RFB set; (d) RFBB set [29].
Pattern The relative The relative The relative + cost/mass strength of strength of the top arch the bottom corners Original set 1.0 1.0 1.0 Floor beam set 1.294 1.0 2.964 Roof beam set 1.274 2.345 1.0 RFB set 1.568 2.345 2.964 RFBB set 1.930 2.635 5.905