RFCMRules for the Common Man (role-playing game)
RFCMRunner for Christ Ministries (Michigan)
RFCMRadio Frequency Counter Measures
RFCMRadio Frequency Control Monitor
RFCMRat Fibroblast-Conditioned Medium (neuroscience)
RFCMRencontres Françaises de la Coopération Multilatérale (French: French Encounters of Multilateral Cooperation)
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RFCM allows each feature vector belonging to every cluster with a fuzzy truth value ranging between low (0) and high (1) and [CC.sub.i] denoting cluster center.
In this section, we model the series by the regular fractional cointegration model (RFCM) as given by the equation 8.
The IDECM RFCM uses an onboard receiver and processing system developed and manufactured by ITT Industries' Avionics division.
Designed to be integrated into both the MC-130J Commando II and the AC-130J Ghostrider aircraft, the RFCM system will support the varied and critical missions of Special Operation Forces.
Raytheon already has experience integrating its FO-50 with ITT onboard systems, as the two firms have teamed for the competition for the UK's Modular Defensive Aids (MODAS) program (in this case, though, with a variant of ITT's AN/ALQ-211), which aims to equip the Royal Air Force's Tornado aircraft with new RFCM systems.
To counter these limitations, the services are acquiring both the ALE-50 and RFCM towed decoy systems to improve survivability against radar-controlled threats.
"It's actually a smart piece of metal flying behind the aircraft," said John Steckel, BAE Systems' business-development manager for RF-countermeasures (RFCM) programs.