RFDRRadio Frequency-Driven Recoupling (chemical physics)
RFDRRequest for Dedicated Readers (writing critiques)
RFDRRadio-Frequency-driven Dipolar Recoupling
RFDRReseau des Femmes Oeuvrant pour le Developpement Rural (French)
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RFD and RFDr at different times of contraction (0-10, 0-20, ..., 0-250 ms)
Figures 5A to 5D represent RFD and RFDr time curves in different times epochs at pre- and post-training periods.
We have demonstrated that RFD at a very early phase (i.e., 0-20 ms) of rising muscle force increased in response to resistance training, whereas, both late RFD and RFDr remained unchanged.
(2010) have found that changes in earlyphase RFDr were positively related (r = 0.61, p < 0.05) to changes in area percentage of type IIX following resistance training.
Therefore, in our experimental conditions, it is possible to speculate that both increased MVC and reduced proportion of muscle containing myosin heavy chain IIX might have induced attenuated increases in early RFD and, therefore RFDr was not influenced by resistance training.