RFERLRadio Free Europe Radio Liberty
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If they carried on with RFERL, they would have endangered their lives because of committing illegal activity.
Also from the RFERL reports, we know the precise locations, down to village names, of where this ISIS army is sitting and cooking a plot to overrun Central Asia.
-- (No jokes, our beloved Bruce Pennier of RFERL reports that some 120 ethnic Turkmens of Afghanistan with their antiquated Lee Enfield rifles are safeguarding the whole Eurasian landmass against ISIS, and they have the capacity to attack Turkmenistan too)
(25) RFERL, "New Sanctions Bill Raises Free-Press Fears in Ukraine," 13 August 2014 (www.
The RFERL web site further reveals in its report that much of Afgahnistan's anger is directly related to Ashrafi's legitimization of terrorist acts in Afghanistan.
(12.) Bruce Pannier, "Nabucco Gets A Boost In Baku," RFERL, September 10, 2008.
(14.) "EU: Energy Official Downplays Gazprom Expansion Threat," RFERL, January 25, 2008.
dollar on the (https://fingfx.thomsonreuters.com/gfx/rngs/IRAN-ECONOMY-LIFE/010080P01CL/index.html) unofficial market  in later September, according to (https://www.rferl.org/a/dollar-in-tears-iran-celebrates-rial-rally/29523747.html) a report on RFERL .
The second blast occurred outside the headquarters of the Urban Development and Housing Ministry as people were entering the government office to begin their work day, officials told (https://www.rferl.org/a/afghanistan-kabul-explosion-spy-agency-islamic-state/29199926.html) RFERL.