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RFFSARede Ferroviária Federal Sociedade Anônima (Brazilian Railways Company)
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22 A CBTU foi criada em1984, na forma de uma sociedade de economia mista, subsidiaria da RFFSA. Com a edicao da Lei no.
(23) A MRS Logistica e uma concessionaria que controla a Malha Sudeste da extinta RFFSA. A empresa atua no mercado de transporte ferroviario desde 1996, interligando os estados do RJ, MG e SP.
According to this discourse, at the moment before privatization, RFFSA was identified as a shambles enterprise in a condition of financial bankruptcy and not adapted to the new economic reality.
So, when they woke up the enterprise was already in a major crisis" (RFFSA's engineer-characters highlighted).
"The owner of the RFFSA, the biggest railroad enterprise in Latin America, bigger than Petrobras [the petroleum company], was the Brazilian people.
The Brazilian people appear explicitly as the great victim of the process, for they are said to have paid for the RFFSA patrimony.
By doing so, they brought about a situation of serious accidents" (RFFSA's engineer, characters highlighted).
She differentiates, thus, between an abandonment scenario, during the RFFSA period, and a changing one, initiated by Railroad X.
The groups were very divergent" (RFFSA's engineer, characters highlighted).
It is interesting to observe that, since the beginning, the trade union discourse explicitly opposed the privatization of the RFFSA, as can be seen in the excerpt below:
"The STEFBH supports the struggle against the privatization of the RFFSA and have been moving in this direction since late 1991 (...), emphasizing that the RFFSA's dismantlement surely means retrogression and surrender to private capital, treason to Brazilian society.
Furthermore, it claims that the RFFSA would have been abandoned and that its denationalization would be a loss for Brazilians, the victims in this discourse.