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RFIDRadio Frequency Identification
RFIDRadio Frequency Identification Device (less common)
RFIDRequest for Implementation Data
RFIDRequest For Implementation Date
RFIDRadio Frequency Infrared Device
RFIDReduced-Fat Informed with Details (nutrition)
RFIDRepeated Free Induction Decay
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In his Worldwide Manufacturing 2007 Top 10 Predictions report, Parker writes that for lack of a business case most companies continue to resist moving beyond RFID pilot programs and really putting the technology to use.
The financial industry can greatly benefit from RFID. (20) For example, a depository institution could embed RFID tags in its customers' existing cards and place an RFID reader near the entrance.
Active RFID tags, which contain an internal battery with up to eight years of life, can be read over long ranges (100 feet or more).
Although having citizens "tagged" by the government won't likely mean wearing yellow plastic-coated appliances attached to our ears like for cattle, the similarity to the animal RFID ID system is striking.
It may be a while before RFID technology is in place at campus bookstores, dining halls, and rec centers, but if current buzz is any gauge, RFID is going to become a common technology on campus and everywhere.
Marks & Spencer has now showed that RFID can work in tagging all non-food items including pots, pans, perfumes and other tough-to-tag items.
Another new solution facilitates performance-driven and versatile RFID tagging.
Compliant with the ISO18000-6B or ISO18000-6C (EPC Gen2) standard, this RFID parking system can be easier deployed and tracked automatically as the tagging vehicles move in or out.
In retail, RFID is seeing rapid growth for apparel tagging--this application alone demands 1 billion RFID labels in 2012, with 1.35 billion tags forecast for 2013.
But the creation of a "federating platform" will not be at all easy given the huge variety of RFID devices and applications and the wide differences between the EU member states' laws covering data protection and privacy.