RFIGRadio Frequency Identity and Geometry
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Old Republic identified the investors as Christopher Nard, president of Old Republic International, along with a number of key associates responsible for managing the RFIG lines and "three unaffiliated individual investors very well versed in insurance matters."
RFIG Sweden, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, supplies RFID-based solutions within security, tracking and monitoring.
RFIG Group said that the customer's project could result in additional orders.
The agreement gives RFIG Group exclusive rights to market and sell SKY Microwave's GSM and CDMA-based mobile products on the Scandinavian and Baltic markets, as well as non-exclusive rights to market and sell the products in the rest of Europe and the UAE.
Revoir la politique des prix Un autre aspect a ete souleve portant sur les facilitations administratives et financieres, dont les credits Rfig EttahadiI-Federateur, pour l'attribution des concessions foncieres et hydriques pour les investisseurs desirant implanter d'importantes surfaces fourrageres en irrigue dans le Sud.
Swedish RFID technology company RFIG Sweden AB said on Monday (29 September) that it has received a five-year supply contract from Scandinavian Safe AB.
- supply of 152 self-propelled trains of 100 m (t100) of high capacity commuter trains, With power supply of 3 000 v, In direct current and maximum speed of 140 km / h, To circulate by electrified line of 1 668 mm of the rfig, - supply of pieces of park equivalent to 8 trains, Tools for maintenance of first and second level for a workshop and initial warehouse of spare parts for the entire fleet, - first level maintenance of 56 t100 trains for 15 years.
70 dossiers de credit Rfig ont ete traites par le guichet unique mis en place par les responsables agricoles d'Oran pour venir en aide aux agriculteurs de la wilaya.
Swedish security systems provider Office Provider Sweden AB said on Tuesday (27 May) that its recently acquired subsidiary RFIG Sweden AB has together with its partner Confidence International AB secured a RFID technology order from the charter airline TUIfly Nordic AB.
2 067 (phase 1) and improvement of the rfig enclosure in san andrs del rabanedo (lion) 2- construction project of the pedestrian walkways calle limonar and avda pablo dez parish and of the lower steps of calle prncipe in san andres del rabanedo ( lion)
Il s'agit, entres autres, le credit Ettahadi destine a la creation de nouvelles exploitations agricoles et d'elevage, le credit de campagne, Rfig, egalement sans interets, sans oublier le credit federatif.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-24 April 2008-Confidence International AB and RFIG Sweden AB land security and monitoring systems contract from TUIfly Nordic AB(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com