RFIPCRating Form of Imflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Concerns (patient-reported questionnaire)
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Wilcoxon signed-rank test and Cohen's d have been used to follow up RFIPC scores between the two visits.
The relationship among RFIPC scores and patient characteristics was evaluated by Mann Whitney Wilcoxon test for two groups and Kruskal-Wallis test when comparison involved more than two groups.
Factors significantly associated with RFIPC scores were entered in a linear regression analysis that was performed stepwise (backward elimination of variables).
Face validity and cross-cultural adaptation of RFIPC were assessed during the final stage of the translation process.
Table 2 lists the mean scores of the 25 items of RFIPC from the most to least concern for the total population and per disease type.
The mean RFIPC sum score was 44 for the total population.
Basing on the fourth structural model, the mean dimensional scores of RFIPC are shown in Table 4 for the total population and per disease type.
The proportion of patients who recorded the lower (< 10) score in each of the four factors of the RFIPC was ranging from 0.5 to 7.5%.
RFIPC subscores were significantly associated with the HRQoL scores irrespective of the measuring instrument used (p < 0.001).
Between the two groups, significant difference was found in all four RFIPC dimensions (p < 0.001).
SEM, [SDC.sub.IND], and [SDC.sub.GROUP] were calculated for each domain of RFIPC and for sum score.
Relationships between RFIPC Subscores and Population Characteristics.