RFJRewards for Justice (US State Department)
RFJRing Freiheitlicher Jugend (German: Youth Freedom Ring)
RFJRainforest Foundation Japan
RFJRadio Fréquence Jura (French radio station; Switzerland)
RFJRichard Francis-Jones (Australian architect)
RFJRing for Jeeves (novel)
RFJRadio Free Jericho (CBS drama fan club)
RFJRiders For Justice
RFJRequest for Judgment (Nomic; interactive gaming)
RFJRiders for Jesus (motorcycle ministry; Alabama)
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The 1984 Act to Combat International Terrorism established the RFJ program.
RFJ is dedicated to continuing a customer-driven mindset to the communities of Jefferson City, Columbia and surrounding areas that the Corwin family has fortified over the years, while providing the same great deals and superior service the region is accustomed to.
(3) A pair of brown-checked shorts, a leather belt with the monogram RFJ and a bill for $112.97.
"The State Department today confirmed that since January of 2013 the Rewards for Justice (RFJ) program has had a reward offer of up to USD 10 million for information leading to the arrest or conviction of any individual involved in the September 11-12, 2012 Benghazi attacks," the department said in its statement.
Limit of Impurity detection RF S ([RF.sub.i]/ [RF.sub.AA]) [mg/mL] [%] I1 0.090 0.003 4203 0.18 I2 0.009 0.005 11074 0.49 I3 0.004 0.003 19708 0.87 I4 0.005 0.005 33817 1.49 I5 0.005 0.010 27914 1.23 I6 0.004 0.012 31513 1.39 I7 0.004 0.008 40574 1.79 I8 0.002 0.004 38946 1.72 I9 0.003 0.007 46134 2.03 AA 22699 -- RF: recovery factor, RRF: ratio of the recovery factor of an impurity (RFj) to the recovery factor of azelaic acid (RFAA), I1-I9: identified impurities, and AA: azelaic acid.
If so, America's engagement in this worldwide battle - partially precipitated by its historically uneasy relationship with Libya - officially began in 1984 when the State Department set up Rewards For Justice (RFJ), a program little-publicized in the United States that offers cash in return for information leading to the apprehension of top international terrorists.
La rE[umlaut]action de nos auditeurs quant Ea cette invitation Ea participer en direct Ea l'E[umlaut]mission fut surprenante; au dE[umlaut]but du programme, nous avions reE*u plus de participations que notre alter-E[umlaut]go anglophone qui avait commencE[umlaut] un programme semblable depuis des annE[umlaut]es-!Certains dE[umlaut]plorent la qualitE[umlaut] dE[umlaut]livrE[umlaut]e actuellement par la radio jordanienne en franE*ais RFJ, de plus en plus arabisE[umlaut]e, qu'en pensez vous-?
With four main product areas, a new partnership agreement and a renewed focus on truly unique products, RFJ Ingredients, Blauvelt, NY, stands poised to expand its reach throughout the nutraceuticals industry.
This RFJ should describe the services required, the desired term of contract, the kind of industry and logistics environment of the firm, and any unusual logistics requirements.
The 2C RFJ (rotary flat jaw) has been specially designed to handle thicker and more complex film structures and facilitates special applications, such as 'chain' packs, gussets and block-bottom bags.
We can't make it any more clear that we are committed to this campaign of maximum pressure and we are not looking to grant any exceptions or waivers -- We're very focused on our maximum pressure campaign." For his part, National Security Advisor John Bolton tweeted, "Today's expansion of Rewards for Justice (RFJ) adds another tool to stop oil-for-cash schemes used by the IRGC and Qods Force (IRGC-QF) to fund global terrorism." "The IRGC-QF has been using a shady shipping network to move hundreds of millions of dollars in Iranian oil to the murderous Assad regime, the Iranian proxy terrorist organization Hezbollah, and other illicit actors." "Today, the US took action against this sprawling network," he added.