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RFLPRestriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (DNA analysis)
RFLPRequirements, Functional, Logical, Physical (systems engineering)
RFLPRestriction Fragment Length Pattern
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Length (bp) of restriction fragments of rDNA-ITS regions based on restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) and sequence data.
The RFLP patterns of the field isolate was then compared with those of the digested vaccine reference strain.
rolfsii after digestion with six enzymes Viz., AluI, HinfI, TaqI, HindIII, EcoRI and HaeIII indicating genetic variability among the isolates that varied in size of RFLP fragments and the number of fragments (Plate 2).
Results of these assays also were 100% concordant with the results of 2 RFLP assays (developed at different laboratories) that were tested on the same gDNA samples.
Za RFLP analizu smo koristili produkte lancane reakcije polimeraze (PCR) dobijene amplifikacijom dela cetvrtog egzona apoE gena iz dezoksiribonukleinske kiseline (DNK) uzoraka dobijenih izolacijom iz leukocita pune krvi dva zdrava dobrovoljca.
One representative clone for each RFLP group was sequenced, and these sequences (approximately 750 bp) were searched for the organism with most similar sequences in NCBI nr database (Table 3).
Five distinct RFLP banding patterns (designated as A, B, C, D, and E) and 12 subtypes designated as [A1,2,3/B/C1, 2, 3/D1, 2, 3/E1, 2] were obtained (Table 1 and Figure 3).
Internationally standardized protocol was employed to conduct these RFLP experiments [6].
RFLP was carried out on all PCR positive samples which showed amplification for PvMSP3[beta] gene by PstI (10 U/[micro]l, Fermentas).
Keywords: Tuberculosis; IS6110 copy number; RFLP; Mycobacterium tuberculosis