RFLPsRestriction Fragment Length Polymorphic Alleles
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However, the virtual RFLPs obtained for this sample displayed a unique RFLP pattern of three bands with enzyme RsaI (Fig.
Applicability of inter-simple sequence repeat polymorphisms in wheat for use as DNA markers in comparison to RFLP and RAPD markers.
Linkage analysis: Three intragenic RFLPs were studied in all the study participants.
[sup][10] suggested that the VDR gene is a candidate gene for promoting PD and then a number of restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLP) in this gene have been studied.
The novelty here is the testing of fetal DNA, for the actual DMD diagnosis was made using the old linkage method with single-nucleotide variants rather than RFLPs. Thus, the technique does suffer from the same limitations already described and can be used only for families in which a proband has been identified.
supported, however, with data from morphology, RAPDs, or nuclear RFLPs.
C Osborn and PH Wlliams, Brassica taxonomy based on nuclear restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLPs), Priliminary analysis of subspecies within B.
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Many molecular markers such as RFLPs, RAPDs, STSs, and iso-enzymes have been developed for fragrant rice selection and identification [8].