RFMGRancho Family Medical Group (California)
RFMGRiverside Faculty Medical Group
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In this study we adopted the value of 5% of loss in RFMG and 2% in FPB program, considering the possibility of fraud losses.
Average monthly cost of dispensing and maintenance in RFMG pharmacies
Average monthly costs of dispensing and maintenance in RFMG pharmacies were defined by the sum of all resources spent on service production (Table 02).
RFMG units perform daily, on average, about 300 dispensations, resulting in 6,600 monthly dispensations.
The overall average monthly cost (dispensation+maintenance) in RFMG pharmacies was estimated from the ratio between the amount of consumed resources by the average number of dispensations held, available in SIGAF, Integrated system of Pharmaceutical Care Management.
Pharmaceutical units requested at RFMG and estimation of annual expenditure
In addition, RFMG program provides in public pharmacies of SUS in 853 municipalities, 74 pharmacological subgroups, 129 medicines, 240 presentations and 9 different supplies.
Table 2 summarizes costs associated to fixed expenses and monthly variable in a unit of RFMG. Largest costs are associated to human resources and social charges, representing 86.4% of total monthly costs.
Calculation of monthly treatment costs including other expenses for production of the service in the SUS revealed that seventeen of the 22 treatments are cheaper in RFMG. Three of five remaining medicines are part of Women's Health Program (Table 3).
This is explained by the inclusion of expenses for dispensing in SUS, although unit costs of public acquisition are equal or inferior in RFMG.
If the population initially estimated in RFMG were all met in FPB, there would be an incremental cost of R$ 139,324,050.19 (Table 3).
In multivariate sensitivity analysis with an average number of prescribed medicines per patient versus average amount of monthly dispensations (Graph 1), we observed a greater efficiency of RFMG while there is an increase in number of medicine's prescription and the average number of monthly dispensations.