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RFMIReale Federazione Motociclistica Italiana (Italian: Real Italian Motorcycling Federation; 1933-1945)
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The questionnaire was administered to residents a minimum of one week after their last participation in the RFMI session.
In this section, the findings of the RMAC questionnaire illustrate basic resident understandings and experiences of relaxation and its disturbance, current symptomatology, experiences in the RFMI sessions, awareness and post-session impact, resident satisfaction and suggestions for changes.
Further, 57.1% said that they experienced imagery during the RFMI sessions sometimes, often, frequently, or always.
This figure was high, given that there was often little indication from the minimal post-music discussion in the RFMI program.
The main aim of the program was to assist residents with the management of stress and symptomatology through the use of RFMI. Most (78.6 %) residents in this review said that the music and relaxation program helped them notice when they were relaxed or not.
During the course of the RFMI program, this resident was able to use the MRS very effectively to generate relaxing imagery and to in turn apply it to pain management situations.
By assisting her with pain and stress management via RFMI, she personally gained benefits and there were also flow-on effects to the entire facility.
When approached to complete the questionnaire, she showed a clear memory of the RFMI program.
Residents typically did not appear to request or suggest changes to the RFMI program.
However, results of this survey also suggest that if residents do not wish to talk about issues, perhaps the nonverbal nature of the RFMI session may be a good vehicle for addressing feelings of upset in the residential aged care facility.
Without a clear pre-test/post-test design with an established baseline, self-reports from residents about their use of relaxation in other stressful situations could not be clearly tracked as a result of the current RFMI program.