RFPLRiver Falls Public Library (River Falls, WI)
RFPLRichmond Free Public Library (Richmond, MA)
RFPLRoselle Free Public Library (Roselle, NJ)
RFPLRufus Floyd Public Library (Hokes Bluff, AL)
RFPLRedwood Falls Public Library (Redwood Falls, MN)
RFPLRutherford Free Public Library (Rutherford, NJ)
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By Proposition 2 a perfect matching [M.sub.o] on [R.sup.M.sub.o] ([alpha], [gamma]) and a perfect matching [M.sub.e] on [R.sup.N.sub.e] ([beta], [delta]) give rise to an oriented RFPL if they are disjoint as subsets of the edges of [R.sup.M,N].
The excess of the boundary (a, ft; 7, S) of an oriented RFPL turns out to have the following combinatorial interpretation:
Theorem 2 Let f be an oriented RFPL with boundary ([alpha], [beta]; [gamma], [delta]).
For example, the boundary of the oriented RFPL depicted in Figure 2 is of excess 3.
Corollary 2 Let f be an oriented RFPL with boundary ([alpha], [beta]; [gamma], [sigma]).
An example of an oriented RFPL of excess 0 and its corresponding rhomboid-shaped Knutson-Tao-puzzle is given in Figure 6.
FC Khimki, an RFPL club, was almost declared bankrupt, and only desperate demonstrations by players helped to find the money to finance the club, at the last moment.
The relations between the RFS and leagues take the form of agent contracts, according to which the RFS transfers to the PFL and the RFPL the right to organise and host football competitions.
I would like to say a few words about the RFPL league, which is responsible for hosting the premier league championship.
In November of 2007, a general meeting of the RFPL elected Sergei Pryadkin to be RFPL President for a term of 3 years.
This date is noteworthy, because previously the president was elected for a term of 1 year, and the president had to be the head of a club with RFPL membership.
According to estimates taken from open sources, the aggregate income of the leading six professional European football leagues (including the RFPL) at the end of 2007 amounted to approximately 11 billion USD.