RFRAReligious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993
RFRARegional Flood Risk Assessment (UK)
RFRARequest for Response Action (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency)
RFRAReef Fish Restoration Association (Florida)
RFRARhine Franconian (linguistics)
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Importantly, RFRA was amended in 2000 to clarify that it protects
its controversial state-level RFRA, (107) or the Satanic Temple that has
Part II looks at how RFRA has developed into a sword to attack reproductive and LGBTQ rights.
An Arizona man volunteering with No More Deaths, a humanitarian organization affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, has asserted RFRA as a defense (35) to criminal charges of violating the anti-harboring provision of Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (36) for allegedly providing two undocumented migrants food, water, beds, and clean clothes at a private residence that serves as an aid station in the desert over an approximate three-day period.
Today, conservative groups seek to expand the scope of RFRA through
counterintuitively, focusing on politically charged RFRA claims made by
Exercise Clause; (2) "general" accommodations like RFRA,
paradigmatic general accommodation is RFRA, passed by Congress in 1993.
Boerne, it may be remembered, had invalidated RFRA only with respect to the states, meaning the statute continued to apply to the federal government.
Gonzales involved a RFRA challenge, brought by a small Christian sect against a federal restriction on the importation and use of a hallucinogenic substance (DMT) on grounds that the sect required the use of this ingredient in one of its religious practices.