RFRSRiparian Forest Restoration Strategy (Washington Department of Natural Resources)
RFRSRhizobium Fredii Repetitive Sequence
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Meanwhile, other regional RFRs will thicken the acronym soup.
(i) The RFRS method can remove superfluous and redundant features more effectively.
Two years later, in the summer of 2014, inspired by the local food producers--who had not only healed me but who were also healing the local community and our land, soil, and waters--I started Real Food Real Stories (RFRS) with a group of friends to support local food activists (yes, I'd made friends by now!).
RFRs are taught to manage an obstructed airway by using basic manual maneuvers and airway adjuncts.
IBA's preliminary methodology for deriving term SONIA is set out in detail in the published paper, together with other approaches that could be used to derive forward-looking Term Rates for SONIA and the other RFRs. Over time, where market conditions permit, IBA hopes to include forward-looking Term Rates for all the RFRs on the ICE Term RFR Portal based on these approaches.
As results teams were working on indicators, strategy maps, and RFRs, the priorities team spent a great deal of time discussing the details of each step.
On the positive side, progress is being made on alternative RFRs. The Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) in the US began trading in March and futures trading began in May.