RFSARussian Federal Space Agency
RFSARural Fire Service Association (NSW RFS)
RFSARequest for Supply Arrangement (Canadian government)
RFSARetired Faculty-Staff Association
RFSARadio Free San Andreas (software tool)
RFSAResearch Fellow of SHAPE (Society of Health and Physical Educators) America
RFSAReadiness for Sea Assessment (US Navy)
RFSARealm of the Free Small Astros (gaming guild)
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The department currently offers eight credentials, which includes the CFSSA and RFSA credentials.
The RFSA credential builds upon the knowledge of the CFSSA by requiring a certain number of audits in one food sector or category, as well as passing a witness audit checklist in one food sector or category.
The CFSSA and RFSA credentials require a high level of food safety knowledge.
Based on the previous literature, we develop two distinctive subsets of financial services advertising the information used in RFSA: (1) financial product-focused information (i.e., risk-return estimation, transaction cost and composition of financial offering) and (2) financial company-focused information (i.e., past performance, firm's stability, firm's reputation and certification information).
In addition, some coding variables and their coding descriptions were adapted to the context of RFSA. Finally, the coders achieved satisfactory percentage of agreement across the ads, that was higher than 90%.
First, in order to develop a list of criteria that would act as the framework for coding the presence of information content within the context of RFSA, the coding variables developed by Huhmann and Bhattacharyya (2005) and Jones and Smythe (2003) were applied.
Un automata de estado finito residual (RfSA) es un automata A = (Q , A, [delta], I, F) tal que, para cada q [] Q, L(M,q) es un lenguaje residual del lenguaje L reconocido por M (Denis et al., 2001).
Se ha demostrado que para cada lenguaje regular existe un unico RFSA canonico que lo representa.
The receiver side of OFDMA system is set by using RFSA and VIs.