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As depicted in Figure 8, the integrated trust increases with the increasing of successful interactions among normal nodes and decreases with the increasing of unsuccessful interactions among malicious nodes in RFSN, BTMS, and DTEM.
Running RFSN, BTMS, and DTEM in this scene, the result is shown in Figure 9.
Having compared RFSN, BTMS, and DTEM, the DTEM can acutely reflect nodes' changing and sensitively detect on-off malicious attack.
As shown in Figure 11, which gives the detection rate in different trust model, we can see that the performance of the DTEM is better than RFSN and BTMS.
And having compared RFSN, BTMS, and DTEM, DTEM is of great help in defending against routing attacks, data information attacks, and trust model attacks.
Throughout the previous section, we teased out key reasons shaping the development of an ASEAN+3 RFSN. In this section, we expand on these reasons--while touching on the politics behind the development of this particular RFSN--and analyze in detail the safety net created after the EAFC.
The EAFC led countries to revisit the issue of a RFSN mainly because of the way in which the IMF managed the crisis.
Yet, once again the RFSN in East Asia, comprising ASA and CMI bilateral swaps, was not used when the region faced a severe credit crunch in 2008 because of the GFC.
In the post-GFC period, the case for a RFSN in East Asia has strengthened further for two reasons.
As a comparison of Tables 1 and 2 shows, the evolution of the ASEAN+3 RFSN and GFSN goals has run in parallel.
As we can see, the average nodes lifetime of proposed method is about 1550 seconds, and RFSN, EDTM and GTMS are about 700, 770 and 860 seconds respectively.
Our proposed method can effectively improve nodes utilization compared to RFSN, EDTM and GTMS.