RFSURiksförbundet För Sexuell Upplysning (Swedish organization for sexual enlightenment)
RFSURegional Force Surveillance Unit (various nations)
RFSUReady for Start Up
RFSURiksforbundet for Sexuell Upplysning (Swedish: National Association for Sexuality Education)
RFSURugby Football Schools Union (UK)
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Available from: RFSU Stockholm, Sweden Web: <www.rfsu.se>
'Important goals in the ICPD Programme of Action (POA)' highlights the most pivotal and controversial goals selected by RFSU, such as access to information and reproductive health services, access to safe abortion, and men's responsibility.
Source: RFSU, Box 121 28, 102 24 Stockholm, Sweden.
The US, Germany, China, Finland, and the UK are the most active foreign joint venture participants in the RFSUs. Furthermore, the importance of foreign joint ventures to the Russian economy should not be underestimated; they accounted for 6.4% of Russia's exports at a value of $4 billion and 12.8% of imports, at a value of $3.8 billion worth of products (Finansovye Izvestia, 1996).
Some US firms, eager to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the RFSUs, expanded to the RFSUs at the onset of the breakup of the Soviet Union.
Potential Wealth Effects For Expansion to the RFSUs
US firms seeking to expand to the RFSUs face certain cost disadvantages when competing with local firms.
Perceptions of risk and expectations of success regarding involvement in the RFSUs have been examined by McCarthy, Puffer, and Simmonds (1993).
Differentials in progress exist across the RFSUs in terms of both output and economic liberalization.
Numerous hazards exist for firms entering the RFSUs. Foreign firms in the RFSUs encounter inadequate infrastructures for most business operations.
At the same time, many of the RFSUs, including Russia, are moving towards the democratization of political and social processes.
Other RFSUs are undergoing dramatic change, in part to attract the level of foreign investment required to strengthen their economies over the long run.