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RFTRich Text Format (file format)
RFTRequest for Tender
RFTRun Flat Tire (automotive)
RFTRelational Frame Theory (psychology)
RFTRational Functional Tester (Internet testing tool)
RFTRequest for Training
RFTReady For Training
RFTRight First Time
RFTRegular Full Time
RFTRequest for Technology
RFTRenal Function Test (laboratory physiology test)
RFTRun Flat Tire
RFTRich Field Telescope
RFTRepeat Formation Tester (oil industry)
RFTRight Front Tire
RFTRefrigerator-Freezer Thermometer
RFTRefresher Training
RFTReason for Transfer (schools)
RFTRevisable Form Text
RFTRespirator Fit Test
RFTRespiratory Function Test
RFTRunning Foot (linear measurement)
RFTRat für Forschung und Technologieentwicklung (German: Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development)
RFTReady For Tests
RFTRunway Friction Tester (aviation)
RFTRecycle Florida Today (Tallahassee, FL)
RFTReady for Tasking (Boeing FIRST award fee criteria)
RFTRecursive Function Theory (computational mathematics)
RFTReleased From Training
RFTRequest For Thinking
RFTRemote Fob Trigger (detonator)
RFTRadio Frequency Tag
RFTRate-Based Fragmenting Thresholding
RFTResonant Frequency Tool
RFTRetrievable Formation Tester (petroleum industry)
RFTRoyalton Federation of Teachers
RFTReversals Frequency Test (evaluation of reading dysfunction)
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Bibliometric or citation analyses of the articles which make up the extant scientific literature at any one time are a useful method of assessing the contribution made by theories like RFT. For example, armed only with an Internet connection and falling short of a full citation analysis, we conducted a Web of Science (http://wok.
Bridgestone says through the widespread use of its RFT tyres in vehicles it aims to contribute to a safe and stable mobile society while reducing overall environmental impact.
Part 2 (Relational Learning)--Consists of four chapters, all presenting the theory behind RFT. The chapters are written, as the author asserts (and I agree) "with a perfect balance between providing an appropriate level of technical detail and keeping the writing lively, light and a pleasure to read" (p.
RFT: Well, unless you study African languages as seriously as possible, you're going to miss something.
What makes this scope a wonderful RFT is the amount of sky it can pull in, and its aperture.
After I lay down on the bed, the clinician cleansed my face to remove any make-up and skin oils which could interfere with the application of the RFT. Then vitamin C gel was slathered on my face to act as a barrier between the surface of the skin and the device.
- The JV Company will be issued ECT shares following the deposit of the A$1.5m (28,846,154 fully paid ordinary shares at 5.2 cents) to be held in escrow as security for payments for the Request for Tender (RFT) engineering.
Also new is the RFT Custom machine from Lyle Industries.
Lyle Industries' RFT Custom thermoforming machine provides an economical alternative to traditional equipment and can be configured with a variety of options that add flexibility in both short-run and long-run thermoforming, the company says.