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RFTCRadiofrequency Thermocoagulation
RFTCRocket From The Crypt
RFTCRun from the Cops
RFTCRed Fern Theatre Company (est. 2006; New York, NY)
RFTCReversal Flow Tar Converter
RFTCRegional Flight Training Center
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Recently, bipolar RFTC has been developed as an alternative treatment to improve clinical results and decrease adverse events.
Patients with discogenic LBP who underwent bipolar RFTC between October 2013 and May 2015 were enrolled in the study.
The bipolar RFTC was performed at 85[degrees]C with the two needle electrodes heated simultaneously for 180 s utilizing an RFG-1A Radiofrequency Generator (Cosman Medical, Burlington, USA).
Twenty-three patients were subjected to bipolar RFTC therapy in L4/L5 or L5/S1 spinal levels according to their symptoms and dermatome distribution.{Table 1}
In the present study, patients with lumbar radiculopathy, who had undergone RFTC nucleoplasty and TDD, were retrospectively compared in terms of early and long-term effects of these therapeutic approaches.
Of these, 37 patients who had undergone TDD were assigned to the Group D, while 36 patients who had undergone RFTC nucleoplasty were assigned to the Group N.
In the retrospective analysis of 73 patients who underwent RFTC nucleoplasty or TDD, there was a significant reduction in VAS and FRI scores at all the measurement time points.
There is no known serious side effect related to the procedures of RFTC nucleoplasty and TDD.
With liberalization, new rail-based transportation companies could enter the European rail freight market and start competing with incumbent RFTCs and other modes of transport, allowing in higher rail freight volumes and decreasing costs (EC 2001, Holvad et al.
Traditionally, incumbent RFTCs have been the owners of rolling stock and are considered the specialists in the areas of production, operations, and maintenance (Rosen 2004).
Few RFTCs had received capital guarantees from their parent companies, which would prefer to let the RFTCs go bankrupt rather than "throw good money after bad" into rail freight (Casson 2004).
RFTC technology functions much in the same way as a radio transmitter and receiver.