RFTSReach for the Stars
RFTSRemote Fiber Test System (optical layer monitoring)
RFTSRepeat Formation Tester Sample (energy exploration)
RFTSReading from the Silence
RFTSRenewable Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (energy)
RFTSRemote File Transfer System
RFTSRadio Frequency Test Set
RFTSReason for the Season
RFTSRequest For Technical Support
RFTSRadio Frequency Transmission Systems (US Air Force)
RFTSRemote Fiber Test Set
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Should the President give his go signal to the setup of RFTs, the national government must see to it that this would not fall under the control of local politicians.
The overall fiber optic test equipment market has been segmented based on type into OTDR, OLS, OPM, OLTS, and RFTS. The OTDR is majorly used for the installation and maintenance of fiber optic systems in the telecommunications and broadband network application.
More than simply a test bed, Mel's 6-inch f/2.8 is a nifty rich-field telescope (RFT)--an instrument that delivers the maximum amount of starlight for a given aperture.
La justificacion que se da en la descripcion general plantea que se quiere evaluar la eficiencia de las acciones de mejora regulatoria para agilizar la gestion y resolucion de los tramites inscritos por la dependencia en el rfts (reduccion de carga administrativa).
Medications: Receiving IV antibiotics, IV fluid for 3-5 days and then converting to oral feeding; pain killer and low molecular weight anticoagulant for 10 days s.c with daily followup by Doppler US, Lab (LFTs, RFTs, coagulation profile and CBS).
To identify suitable technologies a Request for Technical Submission (RFTS) was prepared and publically advertised.
(236) There, the court of appeals found that the plaintiff had "offered sufficient company-wide evidence to the District Court to support a finding of numerosity for a nationwide class" of BMW owners with "run-flat" tires ("RFTs"), but that it could only "speculate" as to whether the number of class members in New Jersey was sufficient to satisfy numerosity.
What Manzi more generally calls randomized field trials (RFTs) were developed as a way to evaluate and compare proposed therapeutic interventions.
Right from the Start (RFTS) was a prospective cohort study of drinking water DBPs and pregnancy health conducted in three metropolitan areas of the United States (Savitz et al.
The Right >From The Start programme (RFTS, Niccols, 2008) represents a recent effort to promote early infant attachment security through a parents' group.
Both the GCF and PTCRB maintain databases of device CC that are updated periodically as WIs and RFTs are added and other modifications are made.