RFUSRadio Friendly Unit Shifter
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Mutation Surveyor software could automatically calculate the mutant peak percentages from RFU. Since the percentage is similar to that of differential site on exon 7, we could judge whether there was a point mutation in SMN1 .
Total fluorescence per well was measured in a SpectraMax Gemini XS spectrofluorometer (Molecular Devices) using SoftMax Pro (Molecular Devices); Nile Red relative fluorescence units (RFU) were normalized to Hoechst RFU for each well to account for cell density.
The absolute change in RFU values for the different treatment conditions was defined as the RFUs after treatment minus the RFUs before treatment.
The proposed rules require inter-jurisdictional railways to register as RFUs to purchase fuel in a Backstop jurisdiction with the levy embedded and to obtain relief only when the fuel is used outside the Backstop jurisdiction.
They would be far better thought of if they demonstrated equality not superiority by changing the titles to the 'English' RFU and the 'English' FA.
Alcala also vowed to coordinate with the RFUs for the revalidation of projects through field monitoring and conduct problem-solving sessions with the implementing agencies.
(iii) it uses the reserved-for-future-use (RFU) tags of command VERIFY to return [auth.sub.m] for the phone to authenticate the reader.
The MMP inhibition activity was expressed in relative fluorescent units (RFUs).
The percent removal was recorded as the difference in relative fluorescence units (RFUs) between the coating replicates that were exposed to the water jet and those left unexposed.
TWO key members of Martin Johnson's senior management team were suspended by the RFUs yesterday after England found themselves embroiled in another World Cup cheat storm.
The companya[euro](tm)s cutting edge FibeAir IP-10 solutions coupled with high-transmit power radio frequency units (RFUs) enable higher capacities at any link budget, improving access, aggregation and backbone/long-haul transport applications.