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RFVRadial Force Variation
RFVRequest for Variance (various locations)
RFVRelative Feed Value (quality of hay)
RFVRoaring Fork Valley (Colorado)
RFVReconnaissance de Formes et Vision (French: Vision and Pattern Recognition)
RFVRadio Free Virgin (est. 1999)
RFVRabbit Fibroma Virus
RFVRight Femoral Vein
RFVRegion Fortifiee de Verdun (French: Fortified Region of Verdun; World War I)
RFVRadio Frequenza Virtuale (Italian: Virtual Radio Frequency; online radio)
RFVRadio Free Vermont (Internet radio station)
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RFV is a combination of different usage interactions: recency is the number of days since a user had used the product; frequency is the number of days (over of a span of 30 days) a user has been using the product; and volume (content consumption) accounts for page views and time spent listening to radio, podcasts or music services.
Keywords: Feature selection, particle swarm optimization (PSO), relevant feature vector (RFV), genetic algorithms (GA), crossover operator (CO).
Relative feed value (RFV) is an accurate indicator for quality over protein content alone which provides an indication of digestibility and how much forage an animal can eat.
The digestibility DM, DM intake and RFV ranged from 58.4 to 83.5%, from 2.4 to 11.9% and from 107.7 to 769.3, respectively ADF, NDF and condensed tannin contents of the leaves of the shrub species harvested at bear fruit stage were significantly higher than those harvested at before flowering and flowering stages, while CP contents and estimated parameters of the leaves of the shrub species harvested at flowering stage were significantly higher than those harvested at before flowering and bear fr uit stages.
Recently, a more practical application was proposed and studied in a laboratory scale in which the RFV kiln is used only in the last stage of the drying process where the conventional heat-and-vent technologies are not efficient in removing the timber adsorbed moisture.
"For adults, in addition to a lot of relaxation opportunities, we're working with Provincetown's Family Pride education programs to help us host discussion groups on adoption, insemination, surrogacy, and everything else that would be helpful to gay parenting." As for educational stuff for the kids, it isn't going to be a big factor for RFV because they just want the kids to have the experience of playing with other kids like them.
On the other hand NDF, RFV, and DMI were affected by salinity and plantxsalinity interaction.
Relative feed value (RFV) calculated by using ADF (representing dry matter digestibility) and NDF (showing intake potential) is an index indicating forage quality and RFV decreases with advancing maturity (Rohweder et al., 1978; Hackmann et al., 2008).