RFWRemote Free Wheel
RFWRadio Frequency Wireless
RFWRendered Frame Window
RFWRequest For Waiver
RFWRapid Filling Wave (cardiology)
RFWRed Flag Warning (wildfire management)
RFWRadio Frequency Weapons
RFWRanching for Wildlife
RFWReader-Focused Writing (US VA)
RFWRain Fell Within (band)
RFWRagdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club (cat breeding organization)
RFWRailfan Window
RFWRadio Fréquence Web (French Internet radio station)
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The Gonen variety found on the corner of the polygon in Figure 1 (which-won-where) shows the relationship between the genotypes and the features examined, the genotype has the highest values for SFW, RFW, SL, SDW, RDW, GR, RL, Chl a, Chl a + b, Car and shoot K.
Between 2011 and 2013, the LBCI Group ran three data collections that included RFW, with a total of 177 children, 8 adults and 3 experimenters playing across 60 sessions.
Diekstra RFW (1982) Epidemiology of attempted suicide in the EEC.
Length of roots (LR) (cm) contents of roots fresh weight (RFW) (g) and dry weight (RDW) (g) and ratio of RFW/RDW of plants Alcantarea imperialis (Carriere) Harms after six months of cultivation in different concentrations of nitrogen.
The family of friction welding processes includes several methods, such as rotary friction welding (RFW), linear friction welding (LFW), and the newest one, friction stir welding (FSW).
One model for unifying the split wildlife estate that has gained traction in recent years is called "ranching for wildlife." (104) Though the name elicits images of high-fenced game ranching, ranching for wildlife (RFW) actually describes state managed programs that use cooperative agreements between landowners and wildlife agencies to improve the quality of free-roaming wildlife populations.
The root fresh weight (RFW) was also decreased significantly by different stress treatments and the observed trend was as: low calcium less than saline less than saline + low calcium (Table 2).
(30.) Moulds RFW, Jeyasingham MS, for the Infective Endocarditis Prophylaxis Expert Group, Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd.
Other abbreviations are as follows: LFW, left forewing; LHW, left hind wing; RFW, right forewing; RHW, right hind wing.
After six weeks, the following parameters were recorded shoot length (SL), root length (RL), shoot fresh weight (SFW), root fresh weight (RFW) and number of rooted shoots (RS).
Data were collected on fresh weight (FW, g) of leaf blade (LFW), and on FW and length (L, cm) of the epicotyl (EL and EFW), hypocotyl (HL and HFW), first leaf petiole (FL and FFW), trifoliate leaf petiole (TL and TFW) and root (RL and RFW).